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AiArthritis Talk Show The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) and the Eye See You (ESY) campaign partnered with the AiArthritis to create a 360-it spin off segment on the AiArthritis Voices 360 Talk Show episode Biosimilars: What patients need to know.

There were great discussions related to biosimilars safety, efficacy, switching, substitution, interchangeability, and regulations in the main episode. However, the dialogue does not end here. Building upon it, the 360-it segment shed light on the impact of mandatory biosimilars policies on patients’ continuity of care, crucial need for patient education on biosimilars, and elements for consideration in upcoming ophthalmic biosimilars policies, such as patient-physician consultation and reight to decide choice of treatment.

While global agencies support initiatives to improve, restore, and maintain vision for people around the world, many Canadians need to prepare for policy changes about their eye treatment that have the potential to impact patient and physician autonomy. We call on health policies that impact the treatment of eye conditions to be evidence-based and enable informed decision making.