Who We Are

The Eye See You (ESY): Advocating for Options in Eye Health program collaborates across sectors and disciplines on matters that impact the vision health of all Canadians, in particular those with ageing-related vision complications. It provides a platform for knowledge exchange for a patient-centered approach to biosimilar policies. The ESY program calls on health policies that impact the treatment of eye conditions to be evidence-based and enable informed decision-making.


Protect and respect the rights of patients and their caregivers to make informed decisions regarding their vision health.


The ESY Program aims to mobilize evidence to influence and shape policy and practice around ageing-related vision complications to advance person-centred vision care.


To improve health outcomes for adults with age-related vision complications by: Raising awareness about emerging vision-related policies Facilitating timely access to educational resources about biosimilars Connecting Canadians to experts and thought leaders in vision health Creating opportunities for Canadians to engage in discourse surrounding biosimilars in ophthalmology.