Take Action

A trusted partnership between the patient and physician sets the foundation for the best possible outcome.

We live in the information age and have access to excellent resources to help inform our decisions and take an active role in our own healthcare.

Whether you have an interest in or personal connection to the issue of eye health, want to follow the conversation as you get older or for a loved one or friend, you suffer from vision loss, or are a healthcare professional devoted to providing the best therapeutic options for your patients, here is the opportunity to shine a light on a critical health issue.

If you are a patient that suffers from vision loss or are concerned about the issue:

Become informed about all of the therapeutic choices available with respect to vision and overall health.
Discuss available treatment options with a physician. Ask questions.
Inquire about how to access the optimal treatment option.
Consider expressing an opinion on access to the recommended therapy, or barriers to therapy, with family and friends, on social media, and within related community groups.

If you are a physician, we urge you to:

Base treatment choices on scientific evidence.

Learn more about the position of your professional body related to fair access to approved treatment options.